Empowered Development Consulting was developed with you, the client, in mind. We custom design programs to meet your professional development needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you create and lead meaningful organizational development through engaging, culturally competent, objective-based training plans. We will provide customized solutions for each organization’s training needs to create a successful team. 

Our Vision

Empowered Development Consulting provides various services to help organizations improve their staff training and leadership development programs. Using best education practices, we will provide guidance and assistance in developing new programs and training and examining and improving existing offerings. Using experiential and hands-on instruction, we also offer team building, along with culture and organizational development. Whether individual coaching, strategic planning, or organizational development, we take a strong focus on building equity and dismantling racism. We do this by creating space for personal and team growth to ensure strong and lasting impacts.

Our Guiding Values


We are motivated by a willingness to explore and learn. We enjoy searching for answers to intriguing questions, in-depth knowledge of a subject, an interest in the surrounding world, and how it works. We pride ourselves on not being afraid to ask hard questions and help others foster a sense of curiosity in their lives. 


We believe deeply in the importance of physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development throughout life. Growth is an integral part of every person’s life. The power of change comes from allowing us to achieve personal growth and become what we want to be.

Meaningful work

Our ability to have positive impacts on other people’s lives drives Empowered Development Consulting. For us, the work we do in training and development allows us to influence others’ lives in a positive way. It gives us a sense of being needed and useful to society. We hope to share this with our clients and their employees; we believe that seeing the value in your work gives great energy and helps you avoid professional burnout.

Our Commitment to Social Justice, Equity, and Access

Empowered Development Consulting defines social justice as an ongoing process to which we are committed, rather than as an ultimately achievable goal. Building trustworthy, mutually beneficial relationships that prioritize our community partners’ needs and interests are of utmost importance. We strive to be a consulting firm where everyone is welcome; we do not ask staff, clients, or partners to leave any part of themselves behind when they enter. We celebrate and respect our diverse contributions, experiences, histories, and backgrounds—this spirit of inclusion yields more robust, more representative conversations, decisions, projects, and programs.

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