EmDev Consulting 3 tiered approach to services

Our goal is to provide organizations with the tools and services they need to create effective and well-trained teams. Our objective is to work with companies in developing training and development offerings. To do this, we use a three-tiered approach. In the first phase, we work with organizations to assess the needs and opportunities for growth. We then work collaboratively with each organization to develop custom training programs that incorporate their needs and maximize their unique strengths. In the final phase, we help organizations evaluate the effectiveness and determine future needs or opportunities for growth. 

Here are some of the ways we can help.
Employee Experience/Needs Assessment 

We can help launch employee surveys. This type of service might include assistance in choosing an employee survey or methodology. We can also provide help in processing survey results. We then work with our clients to create actionable steps using what they heard to improve their team and business. Additionally, we can provide facilitation for employee focus groups if this is the best method for collecting employee experience or needs data. 

Strategic Training Planning

We create strategic learning objectives that will allow them to develop and execute training with measurable results for participants and their organization.

Organizational Development & Equity Work
Training Infrastructure Development

We help clients create systems that help them execute training plans to optimize results and make lasting organizational change.

Facilitated Training

We provide in-person or virtual training on topics that organizations are not comfortable leading or topics in which they feel their organization would benefit from outside instruction. 

Training Refinement

We help organizations, both nonprofit and private sector, refine and improve existing training delivery, knowledge transfer, and information exchange.

Integrated/Blended Content and Leadership Development Planning

We help create plans that weave together content knowledge with leadership development to develop meaningful and engaging training for all staff.

Virtual Training Planning

We provide support and oversight for creating or converting traditional training into engaging virtual practices. 

Staff Engagement

We collaboratively guide the creation of training that addresses emotional intelligence. These training types improve corporate culture and give staff the tools they need to engage in meaningful ways, resulting in long-term growth and staff retention. Topics often requested in this area include communication, conflict resolution, team building, and growth mindset training.