Teams with strong work culture are unafraid of innovation, change, failure, and success.

We at Empowered Development Consulting believe that when you thoughtfully invest in employees, you attract and keep the best team members. You also build a healthy work culture. 

Combining decades of employee engagement data, Gallup’s ninth employee engagement meta-analysis illustrates the connections between highly engaged teams and improved business outcomes. 

Just 23% of U.S. employees strongly agree that they can apply their organization’s values to their work every day, and only 27% strongly agree that they “believe in” their organization’s values. You have the opportunity to change these statistics.

A strong organizational culture can have real and lasting results for your organization. 

Results of a strong workplace culture graph
9th Gallup Poll Growth Analysis

Empowered Development Consulting works with you to develop a customized approach to professional development, organizational development, and training program implementation that has a foundation in measurable outcomes, equity, and inclusion.

Increases InDecreases In
Gross Revenue
Employee Engagement
Customer Satisfaction
Turnover (psychological and actual)
Employee Complaints
Customer Escalations
When Gallup analyzed the differences in performance between engaged and actively disengaged business/work units, those scoring in the top quartile on employee engagement significantly outperformed those in the bottom quartile on these crucial performance outcomes.